Welcome to GoldCrown Capital!

At GoldCrown Capital (GCC) we specialize in residential lending for jumbo loan restructuring and financing.  We primarily focus on homes with jumbo loans of $417,000 at origination and up to any amount of luxury-executive homes.

GCC is a real estate investment company who primarily finances and acquisitions residential luxury-executive Real Estate homes.  We provide short term financing on collateralized Real Estate.  Our financing of underwater jumbo loans are to help homeowners restructure their loan with a bridge loan and then attain refinancing immediately or over a 12 month period on their home.  Depending on a borrower’s credit determines the length of time for the transaction.

GCC also works out Short Sales on luxury – executive homes anywhere in the continental US.  Many homeowners find themselves in difficult situations and need to sell their home.  We work with all parties including Realtors to resolve issues to bring a transaction to fruition.

GCC also utilizes investment financing for the acquisition of distressed – defaulted luxury Real Estate homes.  We work with banks and lenders who have performing and non-performing loans including loans that are in technical default with the need to restructure their portfolio.

GCC works with our (SA) sales associates around the US who bring prospective borrowers to us with luxury – executive homes.  They work with us because they expect a transaction to move along promptly, desire mutual client contact on their loan, certainty of closing, privacy of their financials, and creative professional solutions.

GCC analyzes transactions on a continual basis while prospects are brought to us.  Many of our prospects and clients have been networked with someone on how a homeowner improved their situation saving thousands of dollars.  GCC has developed relationships with many people and companies including; borrowers, Real Estate brokers-agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, CPA’s -accountants, title companies, and others in our network to help provide prospective homeowner – borrowers solutions for their home.

Whether you are a homeowner needing solutions and want to keep your home or need to sell or are a professional we have solutions.  For more information please contact us in the reply form with your interest or contact one of our Sales Associates.

A portion of our profits are provided to non-profit kingdom work.  Our goal is to build into people’s lives for something that is greater than themselves and for all of us that leaves a legacy.

GCC is an associate partner with many companies to help in procuring a transaction.