About Us

At GoldCrown Capital LLC, we are primarily a note purchasing (mortgage) and short term bridge loan investment company.

We help owners who are underwater upside-down on their property. (Loan exceeds value of property). We have a unique process that helps property owners to reset underwater upside-down loans.

GCC also works with any luxury – executive homeowner who needs to sell their home as we have an acquisition department to help in this area. We offer solutions including short sales, we may pay cash depending on the homeowner situation or utilize other solutions to help homeowners.

For residential property owners who have a Jumbo loan at the time of ‘origination’. For a commercial owner who’s loan is underwater or the bank has deemed in default even if performing.

What We Do:

A recent study found that defaults on residential jumbo loans and commercial properties are up 400 percent since 2008. The reason for this is because property owners have lost significant equity and many of them are willing to walk-away from a loan resulting in a foreclosure or possibly a short sale because banks consider these underwater loans as high risk.  We’ve discovered a way to acquire these loans at approximately 65 percent of today’s current market value.  Once we acquire the loan and become the new note holder we restructure the debt with the borrower back into a positive equity position.  The best part is that we do this with no negative impact on the borrowers’ credit, so rather than foreclosing, a short sale or staying in a negative equity position, the owner is able to keep the property and lower their debt often by several hundreds of thousands of dollars and in many cases without any negative impact on the property owners’ credit.  To find out more information please contact us on the Property Info Form.

If you are a homeowner with a jumbo loan or a commercial property owner and you are currently underwater upside-down on your loan, meaning you owe more than your property is worth today then, you may be able to keep your property, drastically reduce your debt, and have positive equity again all without damaging your credit.  This is not a short sale or loan modification.  We purchase your upside-down loan at a huge discount and pass the savings on to you.

This potential for this opportunity to help Jumbo loan owners may only last for a short time as the market is offering this current opportunity.

We also provide services for commercial properties.  We buy commercial underwater loan debt from borrowers, assist in debt restructure, buy distressed assets, provide short term bridge loans.  We also have an acquisition asset department for commercial cash flow properties.

To request help with your commercial property please follow us to our associate company www.crownworldcapital.com.