We Can Buy Your Luxury Home

You may own a luxury-executive home that may or may not be underwater but need help.  Many people hit times of hardship as bad things happen to good people.  Many struggle with new pressures on their lives.  It may be through a move, divorce, loss of a loved one, transfer, need a bigger or smaller home, medical hardship, IRS or any tax hits, out of state owner, or any number of reasons.

If you are facing a hardship and need to sell your home or are experiencing any situation and you need to sell we offer solutions.  One solution is a Short Sale.  Many homeowners find this beneficial as we work with our network of professionals and the lender to move this process along to ultimately benefit you.  The best part is you don’t have the hassle and struggle with owning the home any longer and can be relieved of the pressure of getting rid of the home.

We may also attempt to purchase the loan from the bank as a means for you to be cleared of all debt.  Usually this works well if your home is underwater.  This is nice especially as a way for you to find solace in knowing that you are done with your pressure of the loan debt and home.

We may just purchase your home by offering you a solution for cash now instead of waiting to go through a process.

Whatever your situation we can offer solutions.  Please fill out the Loan Info Form tab page to allow us to analyze your situation and offer you solutions.

We Respect Our Clients Confidentiality GCC has policies in place which are designed to maintain the confidentiality of your workout or restructuring transaction. Because of this we do not release the names, contact information, or property addresses of our clients. Critical details which may be used to determine who a property owner is have been changed on this site and in other materials provided by GCC. Because of this all photos and or images used on this site are representative rather than actual photographs.